Thank you, Yorkshire Healers, for being there when our son fell ill with a suspected, serious illness! Receiving a phone call from your child saying that they were quite seriously ill is never welcome. If they are in a distant country it is even more distressing as you feel so powerless to help them. Luckily for my husband and myself we were attended by caring and compassionate healers who helped us send positive, healing messages of love across those miles. Attended by two healers each, my husband and I arrived in distress at the Harrogate Conference Centre for the Health, Healing and Well-being Festival on the 13 October 2019. We left feeling reassured and comforted by the work that the healers had done with us. The good news of our son getting better so soon afterwards made us very grateful and thankful for the positive energy shared with us that morning. We are truly grateful. Thank you so much!
Christine and Mark
November 2019

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